A Simple Step by Step Guide: Make a Cute Webcomic using Adobe Illustrator Premium class

Michelle Co, Designing my Dreams

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7 Videos (27m)
    • Introduction

    • Set-Up

    • Tracing Your Artwork

    • Coloring Your Digital Illustration

    • Saving Your Work

    • Promoting on Social Media

    • Thank you!


About This Class


I have recently started a webcomic called Bunster and Hariet, and I want to show you guys how I digitally illustrate it!

Bunster and Hariet by MiciROXTumblrTapsticWebtoons | InstagramTwitter | Facebook




In this lesson, I will show you the basics, step by step guide to making a simple webcomic using Adobe Illustrator. I do see lots of webcomic artists use photoshop but I'm here to show you an alternative and a personal preference of mine. I like how we get to use vectors and shapes when illustrating. I also like how we get to use artboards were we are able to work on different comics side by side.





Michelle Co

Designing my Dreams

Hi there, I'm MiciROX! *waves*

So about me...

1.) Recently I've been working on my webcomics called Bunster and Hariet!

It's a webcomic about a girl and her conflicting thoughts and indecisiveness, interpreted in the form of cute bunnies :D

2.) Sometimes I upload Youtube videos and tweet my thoughts about the podcasts I listen to and the TV series I watch!

3.) I've also just finished my dad's quote book titled "Life Without Nonsense Doesn't Make Sense". It tons of his own original quotes, and has over 35 illustrations drawn by yours truly! I hope you will check it out!

4.) So far I have taught these classes on Skillshare :D

A Simple Step by Step Guide: Make a Cute Webcomic using Adobe Illustrator

Simple Digital Illustration & Felt Crafting: Make Cute Animal Characters

I hope I can get to know more of you in the future! :)