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6 Videos (37m)
    • Hello! (Intro/Trailer)

    • What You'll Make and Learn

    • Step 1: Selecting a Photo

    • Step 2: Edit Your Photo

    • Step 3: Sketch Your Scene

    • Step 4: Edit Your Drawing


About This Class

Learn how to use Photoshop to draw on top of photography! Along the way, you'll not just create your own Make Believe Reality photo, but you'll learn all sorts of Photoshop shortcuts and hotkeys as well as functions like Transform, Masking, Blending, and much more.

Background: One of my more popular series of posts on Instagram (@mimochai) involves drawing a whimsical character/scene on top of my own photography. I call it "a make believe reality." People often ask me how I do them, and it's really quite simple! I'm excited to show everyone how to make their own so they can create their own worlds on their favorite photographs.

In this class, I'll take you through my steps and give you some ideas to create your own magical worlds on your favorite pictures.


You'll need access to a program that has layer editing capabilities such as Photoshop or iPad apps like Sketchbook Pro, ProCreate, Sketches, etc. Some basic knowledge of how to use these programs is needed.

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This was a super cute class. Mimi inspired me to purchase my first drawing tablet! (I'm a writer who's looking to tap back into my creativity through drawing -- and this is such a fun project.) I already have basic PS knowledge, but her lessons are very clear and I learned some new tips. I can't wait until my tablet gets here so I can play around even more with my sketches. (This is doable with my mac trackpad, but my sketches definitely look pretty wobbly.) I'm about to look, but I hope Mimi has other classes!
This was a super fun, whimsical class with lots of practical Photoshop help. She's a great teacher, and I'm inspired!
Really fun process and project. Thanks so much!





Mimi Chao

Illustration Design | DTLA |

Hello! I run my own story & illustration studio here in DTLA. I've worked on a range of projects from custom illustrated books to logo mascot design. My first published illustrated children's book will be out this summer! I love meaningful make believe.

Besides drawing, I like getting outdoors, listening to podcasts, and attending various geek culture exhibits/events :D

Feel free to connect with me:

Cheers :) -MC