4 Time Tested Ways To Make Pottery Without Potter's Wheel Premium class

Mandar Marathe, Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer

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22 Videos (1h 20m)
    • Introduction

    • Pinch Pot Part 1

    • Pinch Pot Part 2

    • Pinch Pot Part 3

    • Coil Construction Part 1

    • Coil Construction Part 2

    • Slab Construction Part 1

    • Slab Construction Part 2

    • Slab Construction Part 3

    • Slab Construction Part 4

    • Slab Construction Part 5

    • Scooping Technique Part 1

    • Scooping Technique Part 2

    • Scooping Technique Part 3

    • Sculpting Hare Part 1

    • Sculpting Hare Part 2

    • Sculpting Tortoise Part 1

    • Sculpting Tortoise Part 2

    • Sculpting Tortoise Part 3

    • Textured Pot Part 1

    • Textured Pot Part 2

    • Textured Pot Part 3


About This Class

The art of pot making is one of earliest arts that humans developed thousands of years ago.This course teaches you the hand building techniques for making objects/pots with clay.

If you are creative minded person who likes to make different things and likes to learn new techniques for giving life to your ideas, this course is for you.

We use clay and some very basic hand tools in this course and it means you don't have to buy any expensive equipment.

All the lectures in this course are delivered in HD video format and you'll be able to see how exactly I make things using clay.

This course is perfect for you if

  • You are person wanting to make different things using your creative imagination or
  • A student looking to increase your understanding of clay as a material or
  • You are interested in clay-mation or
  • You are a budding sculptor or a pottery artist or
  • A home maker wanting to make good use of time or
  • Someone who just wants to have some creative fun

Interest in learning something new is the only pre-requisite for joining this course.

So, hop on and let your creative journey begin!

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I think this is a truly great class. I love the simplicity of the tools used. It is mesmerising to watch these methods that have been used for thousands of years..(obviously a smooth stone or shell would have been used instead of a credit card) . Is is possible to find out about the kind of clay used, or if these pots are able to be air dried or do you have to have access to a kiln? Thank you very much, I hope you make more classes like this.





Mandar Marathe

Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer

I am an artist based at Pune, India. I do paintings, sculptures, murals and also conduct art workshops. I also teach through online courses.

I have exhibited my paintings and sculptures in 4 solo shows and 7 group exhibitions. My paintings and sculptures are in private and corporate collection in 7 countries.

Painting and sculpture have been my more-than-hobbies since early age and for 15 years of my corporate career, I worked in manufacturing and software industries and pursued art part-time. Since June 2011, I have reversed this equation and have become a full time artist.

I have two websites where I showcase my work.

Fine Art work : http://www.mandarmarathefineart.com/
Graphic work: http://www.thoughtgraphic.com/