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6 Videos (9m)
    • Intro

    • Supplies

    • Days 1-7: Let’s Talk Letters

    • Days 8-14: Let’s Do This

    • Days 15 30: Let's Do This

    • End


About This Class

Are you new to lettering? Don't know where to start?   This is a great beginners guide to learn hand lettering.  Think of this class as a checklist guide with everything you need to learn lettering. Between you and me, I wish I had known about all these resources since day one! Sharing this class with you makes me feel good .

This is my tried and true collection of resources.  I have learned tips form all over the internet, books and my pwn ideas.

 My journal really helps me explore ideas, just play and stay motivated to practice everyday.   I feel more confident to be me and embrace my ideas.  Ready to go amazing places! Let's Go!

Joshua 1:8-9

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I enjoyed this class. Thanks for the tips :)
Thanks for creating a class that encourages creatives to channel their inner kid!
Judith Laguerre


This is an excellent class for inspiration and to give your journal some structure.





Myra P

Artist & Author

  My paint brushes, paint, markers and pencils  are my toys.  Visions of giant greeting cards,murals, picture books and workshops are dancing in my head. I work on something new every day. To learn more about me check out my blog or instagram myrasletters