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8 Videos (32m)
    • Class Intro

    • Rectangular Banners

    • Arched Banners

    • Inverted Arch Banners

    • Slanted, Wavy Banners

    • Layered (Double & Triple) Banners

    • Fancy Banners

    • Project


About This Class

Make a statement on an art piece, an envelope, a chalkboard, a letter, you name it, by learning to draw 20 different banners across 5 main style points. Not only will you learn step-by-step, but you will open a door to be able to branch off with your own banner ideas after learning these main fundamental elements to drawing banners. 

This class features ribbon and scroll banners in five different base categories:

Inverted Arch
Layering (Double and Triple)

We finish with a segment on some banners that are more intricate and characteristic that are sure to grab attention!


86 of 86 students recommendSee All

absolutely perfect class for a card making crafter here. Thanks for sharing.
Theresa P

Stampin' 4 a Cure

This class is great for visual learners
Banners are a huge challenge for me. I keep going back and watching Peggy in slo-mo so I can get this. This class is awesome, I'm exciting to start practicing. Thanks for all of the fantastic tips!!
Marla Johnson

Professional Student! Excited by everyones talent!





Peggy Dean

The Pigeon Letters | Lettering & Illustration

I'm Peggy. I'm native to the Pacific Northwest and I love all things creative. From a young age I was dipping everything I could into the arts. I've dabbled in quite an abundance of varieties, such as ballet, fire dancing, crafting, graphic design, traditional calligraphy, hand lettering, painting with acrylics and watercolors, illustrating, creative writing, jazz, you name it. If it's something involving being artistic, I've probably cycled through it a time or two (or 700). 

Today, I'm known prominently for hand lettering and my unique line illustrations. I'm thrilled to be sharing them with you!