#2 How To Use the Pen Tool And The Gang in Illustrator Premium class

Dawid Tuminski, www.dawidtuminski.com

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5 Videos (26m)
    • 0 Pen Tool and the Gang Promo

    • 1 How To Use The Pen Tool

    • 2 Adding and removing anchor points

    • 3 Convert anchor point tool

    • 4The Curvature Tool


About This Class

Very helpful class, Thanks. :)

In this particular class you will learn the the pen tool and its siblings used in Adobe Illustrator, so if you want to learn the best practices of using

  • the pen tool
  • the convert anchcor point tool
  • the curvature tool

you will find answers inside this class.

I will see you inside!


PS If you like the class, please submit your review and class project.  It will help other students, just like you interested in topic I teach, in finding my classes. Thanks!

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I like Illustrator and this class helped to learn it.
I like the Curvature tool .
very helpful class, Thanks. :)
Hafsa A






Dawid Tuminski


I've been using graphical software for many years now and I've recently decided to share my knowledge with others and I always try to do it in a straight-to-the-point kind of way with a touch of entertainment.

To tell you the truth I never thought of taking up a career as a teacher of any kind. In fact, I was always reluctant to agree with people, who always encouraged me to teach, saying: You should be a teacher!

But here I am and I am really enjoying it!

At first I started learning Photoshop. Then it was Illustrator and logo design principles. I kind of stuck with these two programs for a few years to eventually start learning web development through Dreamweaver and Wordpress.

My decision to start teaching was based on the quality of trainings and tutorials I saw and participated in. I thought to myself: Man. I really could do this better!

So here I am now, online on Skillshare and offline, in my home city.