Raw, Alive, Delicious! 8 Elements to Oyster Mastery

Julie Qiu, Oyster Sommelier & Bivalve Blogger

9 Videos (48m)
  • Consider the Oyster

    • Trailer

    • Consider the Oyster

    • Types of Oysters

  • Where Oysters Come From

    • How Oysters Are Grown

  • Going Out for Oysters

    • Going Out for Oysters

  • Tasting Oysters Like a Connoisseur

    • Tasting Oysters

  • Buying Fresh Oysters

    • Visiting the Lobster Place

  • Shucking the Perfect Oyster

    • How to Shuck Oysters

  • Traveling for Oysters

    • Traveling for Oysters


About This Class

Up your half-shell game with expert Julie Qiu’s light-hearted, practical guide to oysters. Covering everything from the life of an oyster to how to order, buy, shuck, and serve our favorite happy-hour bite, this on-location, 45-minute class is for every curious enthusiast and aspiring connoisseur. In addition to video lessons, take advantage of Julie's 9 curated worksheets to kicks... Read More

Julie Qiu, Oyster Sommelier & Bivalve Blogger

Julie Qiu is an oyster connoisseur and half shell expert. She loves oysters because not only are they delicious and nutritious, but they are also vital to a healthy aquatic ecosystem. What’s not to love about that? Think of it this way: just as some... Read More