Perfect Southern Fried Chicken and Biscuits

Kelly Leding, Private Chef, @BurntSugarNYC

2 Videos (25m)
  • Master the Art of Fried Chicken

    • Crispy Fried Chicken Tutorial

  • Southern Sides: Buttermilk Biscuits

    • Baking Fluffy Biscuits Tutorial


About This Class

Make Fried Chicken tonight! Learn how to recreate a truly authentic & famous Southern dish from start to finish! You will learn from my southern roots & my having grown up eating fried chicken at least once a week, as well as my experience today as a private chef. This class will change how you entertain at home! Areas covered will include: Main Dish: make a perfectly crispy... Read More

Kelly Leding, Private Chef, @BurntSugarNYC

Kelly was born and raised in the South and grew up vegetable gardening and canning/preserving everything from spicy pickles to strawberry jam.   She’s had wanderlust her whole life, so she's spent much of her time traveling abroad eating her way thro... Read More