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13 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction

    • Equipment

    • Class Project

    • Ingredients

    • Step 1: Dry ingredients

    • Step 2: Creaming the Butter and Sugar

    • Step 3: Adding the Eggs

    • Step 4: Adding Flavors

    • Step 5: A Lesson on Gluten

    • Last Steps: Mix-Ins and Baking

    • Frosting

    • Piping

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

Turn cupcake baking into a piece of cake. As a blogger who has built her brand around baking cupcakes, I want to help everyone because a cupcake baking pro.

In this class, i'll go over measuring basics and common pitfalls of cupcake baking. These practices can be carried to other areas of baking as well, so by the time you finish making your cupcakes, you'll be a better all around baker.

If you're clueless in the kitchen don't worry, this class is perfect for beginners

What you need for this class:

Optional but helpful

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Very informative. To the kitchen!
Even if you think you know how to follow a recipe to make cupcakes, Kathleen talks about the importance of certain steps (like creaming room temperature butter with sugar) which gives an extra boost to want to follow through correctly. Plus, she was quick to come up with a custom recipe for me!
The steps are bit-sized enough that it's impossible to miss something! I also appreciate hearing and seeing what happens when you don't follow directions (like what happens when you melt the butter instead of creaming it at room temperature).





Kathleen Sarkady

Baker, Blogger, Food lover

I’m Kathleen, a Michigan native living in Memphis, TN. I’ve been documenting my escapades into baking on my blog Cupcakes for Dinner since 2011.

I’ve always loved baking. There’s nothing like the art (and science) of creating fluffy cupcakes or gooey cookies that melt in your mouth. Cupcakes for Dinner was started as a place for me to record my semi-recent exploration of vegan baking for my former office’s Vegan Bake Off Challenge. It’s since expanded to a variety of delicious desserts (vegan and butter-filled), that I’ve worked on since 2012.

Since then I've expanded into all different kinds of baking - including my recent love of bread baking. But it really all started with cupcakes.