Cooking Basics - Create Your Own EPIC Potato Salad - Base Recipe With Unlimited Variations! Premium class

Mel Possehl ☕, Cooking ⋆ Marketing ⋆ Teaching ⋆ Learning ✌

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6 Videos (19m)
    • Potato Salad Intro

    • Potato Salad Around the World

    • Potato Salad Project: Memories

    • Apple Pie & Potato Salad??

    • Putting it Together and Base Recipe

    • Add In Suggestions and Next Steps


About This Class

Potato salad. Two little words that when put together, conjure up different images in the mind that get the taste buds of even the most discerning eater watering and begging for a nibble. If you are scoffing at that idea - you have never enjoyed truly great potato salad!


It is the dish that is served at BBQs everywhere, the course most served at potlucks and one that every home cook should have a recipe for in his or her arsenal of kitchen specialties. It is also as unique as its creator - there are literally countless ways to make it.

In this short class, you will learn a delicious base potato salad recipe from which you can make those varieties, as well as add-in ideas to get your creative juices flowing, so you can embark on a journey to create a potato salad that is uniquely yours!

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Totally recommended. Not only Mel knows how to make an amazing potato salad, she knows how to make a great class about it too!
Jan Zavrel

Online Educator on The Slight Edge :-)

Great class! A wonderful balance of high level thinking, helpful details and professional video footage.
Informative class on making lovely potato salad!





Mel Possehl ☕

Cooking ⋆ Marketing ⋆ Teaching ⋆ Learning ✌


Hi there Skillshare - nice to meet you! I'm Mel, and I started Yummy Press because of my love of cooking. I ran a successful SEO business in a previous life; got completely burnt out on making others a ton of money and having nothing really to show for it, and decided to switch gears. I have worked in various restaurants in many capacities, from prep cook to bartender to general manager. I have been cooking since I can remember and have learned a lot along the way. My adventure into food has always been full of strange finds - the first being Pepsi Chicken - and I strive to learn something new every day!

Speaking of learning, I'm a lifelong learner and love Skillshare - I look forward to all of the new information I am going to be learning from all of you! I am a certified Nutrition Consultant, took a year-long course on Aromatherapy, have used essential oils for the better part of a decade, and am hoping to take courses towards both Cicerone & Sommelier certifications in the near future. I'm a firm believer that prevention is the best medicine and nutrition can help cure or at least slow the progression of many diseases - so look forward to a bunch of courses on those topics.

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While I AM big on nutritious food, let's face it, we all need some comfort food and goodies every once in a while, too! I also love to save money and will do so wherever I can - so if you love good food that doesn't break the bank, as well as tips and tricks to make your life easier, you're in the right place.

I enjoy making snacks, meals and gifts that put a smile on my loved one's faces, and I hope you and yours enjoy them as much as we do. Thank you for looking and I look forward to interacting with you!

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