2 Videos (15m)
  • Pickle Like a Pro!

    • Introduction

    • The Ins and Outs of Pickling


About This Class

Welcome to Brine Time with Grillo's Pickles!  My name is Travis Grillo and along with the help of my cousin and right hand man Eric, we have put together a class on the art of pickling.   Eric and I know first hand how fun, delicious, and creative pickling can be, so we are incredibly excited to share some techniques with the people!  In this class we will go over supplies, types o... Read More

Travis Grillo, CEO and Founder of Grillo's Pickles

Travis Grillo is the CEO and founder of Grillo's Pickles, an all-natural pickle company based in Cambridge, MA. He started Grillo's in 2008 by taking the 100 year old family pickle recipe and packing jars to sell out of the trunk of his car.  In jus... Read More