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crypto currency web tools - pack four

teacher avatar Philip Campbell, web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. 1.0 - introduction to pack four, crypto!

    • 2. 1.1 -

    • 3. 1.2 - epic crypto and blockchain websites

    • 4. 1.3 - let's go crypto shopping eh?

    • 5. 1.4 - could we live anywhere on crypto?

    • 6. 1.5 - take part in the project!

    • 7. 1.6 - the roundup of this crypto pack!

    • 8. 1.7 - PLEASE REVIEW, share and go PREMIUM? :)

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About This Class



promised you something different in this pack so I've concentrated on. . .

crypto currency web tools! :) - I think you're going to like this one. ..

in this pack we are going to concentrate on all things cryptocurrency or blockchain powered :)

  • why I’m excited for a platform called steam it and if you're a blogger you should be too.
  • cryptocurrency software and website services you should look at
  • what can I do with my cryptocurrency when I have it? - where can I spend it?
  • here comes crypto digital life. ..

I've recently discovered steam it and I'm excited to try out a service that is powered by a blockchain, I've got a lot to learn but the community there seems awesome and I'm excited to get to know everyone! :)

i've put together a bunch of websites that deal with either trading, crypto payments and even one place where you can yourself a debit card that is linked to your bitcoin!

at the start of looking at bitcoin i felt it was almost like 'internet magic money' but now i've seen the power of how you can earn, move it around freely and seen platforms and software get easier on the eye i really think that crypto has a future and will disrupt the current financial closed ledger system.

i think blockchain has the potential to change the way we work on planet earth in general if the ledger is completely open and transparent.

Meet Your Teacher

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Philip Campbell

web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow


brand new for 2022 | let's decentralize our content into web 3

i'm an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet!



hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative m... See full profile

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1. 1.0 - introduction to pack four, crypto!: Okay, then, Day three, I promise to do a pack off reptiles that concentrated on one particular area. And we're gonna do that with Pack four on day three. I'm gonna have to get all these numbers. Probably right in this pack. We are going to concentrate on all things crypto. I'm really excited about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain at the moment, so I'm gonna be talking about those in this course. Why? I'm excited for a platform I just started using about three or four weeks ago called Steam it steaming dot com. And if you're a blogger, you should be as well. If you've been putting content out on your website on your WordPress site, may putting long form long tail posts on to Facebook or Twitter and you've got nothing out of it. Haven't gotten it work from it. You have got any any decent networking from it, any business relationship for it. Maybe you need to start looking get crypto and Blockchain in terms of getting paid toe. Actually, blawg, which is kind of a brand new thing for me to actually get paid. Unless you're doing Brenda advocacy work piecemeal work where you're doing a video or doing a block piece for a particular brand. Very rare, that you get paid from any of the social networks like Facebook or Twitter, although they could create their own Blockchain themselves. And that would be an interesting avenue for them to take, although there mawr driven by add advertising and at money. So I'm also gonna get into crypto currency, software and website services you should be looking at. What can I do with my crypto currency when I have it? Where can I spend it? And then finally, here comes crypto digital life, just some remarks on some things regarding where we might be going to let's get into the course. 2. 1.1 - all right, then. So steam it dot com is a place you can block and potentially get paid in crypto currency called Steam Steam is very much like Bitcoin is based on Blockchain technology. It is a currency in its own right. You can earn steam, steam power which kind of his reminiscent of kind of makes me think of steam steam engines . And also, I'm surprised that they went with the name steam S t E. And with steam, the actual platform for gaming. You earn steam, steam, power that you can convert into steam dollars and then from steam dollars, you can convert that into us dollars through a exchange steam power. However, if you leave the money inside of the system instead of just taking that money out, you can do a power which gives you more control over posts payout, and it allows you to turn on curation awards rewards. Sorry. So you can just leave that steam power into your account, your wallet bit like every other block chain technology out there. You have a wallet for your Bitcoin wallet for steam. And if you leave it in there than your steam power rating goes up, which gives you MAWR post potentially more post payouts and large to earn on curation rewards. Especially for somebody like me who's coming to this with completely fresh eyes. It's not something that I'm going to rely on as an income stream, but I'm gonna definitely feed back into the community very positive community over there, very empowered community. Everybody's been really friendly, wants to help out. And it's interesting to see the kind of things that people share. And also there's no advertising on there. It's a really nice. It's like a refresh. Look at new set of eyes off the Internet again. It reminds me very much of my early days on bulletin board systems. Teoh log onto steam and post something. Add some keywords. You write everything you've been marked down language, which, if you've ever used in any other program before, like an editorial, maybe on medium medium supports, marked down as well. Very simple kind of language to learn. Not really a language is more of a former England, which in terms off how things are bold and italics and pointed tables. Very simple to get used to. I'm really excited for for 2017. I'm definitely going to be spending more time on steam. You can follow me at steam it dot com four slash at team Humble. Do join on. Follow me over there. I think you're gonna really enjoy over there if you like logging, taking photographs. I love cooking. You're a travel blogger. Digital nomad, I think. Absolutely gonna love steam it. 3. 1.2 - epic crypto and blockchain websites: All right, then. So some sites, some sites that I've seen which I really, really like a crypto pay docked me is one that I've seen from London at very nicely. Why very nice website allows you to set up a Bitcoin Euro, British pound and dollar account linked to their own debit card. Now, I didn't know you could get debit cards for Bitcoin if you like. It's linked to this account. You have all these different wallets inside your account on you can order the crypto pay debit card, which acts as a normal debit card worldwide. So I presume you could get paid in Bitcoin, transfer into your British pound wallet and then take that money out the A t m. I don't know of any other places that are doing this. If you know of the websites that have a debit card linked to their Bitcoin wallet, I'd love to know because the more of these get hold off, the better. So if you're thinking well, very well earning Bitcoin or steam. But if I can't get access to the money, real world money in the currency that I need, how we're gonna use it another one you should look at is shape shift the Iot crypto asset exchange. Really simple, beautiful interface. I don't even think you needed an account here. You could just change one crypto currency into another Cryptocurrency. I'm pretty sure you can change steam into Bitcoin and then obviously Bitcoin into dollars. If you want to do that, I still believe that the value of crypto currencies keeping that currency within this network and just trading that within the network bartering that Bitcoin around within the network rather than pulling you out into an another currency. But the great website is coin payments dot net. If you have a WORDPRESS website or a website that you use for selling, maybe you're selling skill share courses or your own courses on your own website. If you're looking to integrate into your website for e commerce for Bitcoin payments, then calling payments has all the necessary information on there. Another site that I'm really interested in love to see all the graphics and how it works. I have no idea how trading works whatsoever is pollen ex dot com. No idea how trading works. It's not my area. I'm not into finance. I ever. I had enough trouble trying to save any kind of money whatsoever when I do finally get hold of some money. But I'm really fascinated about how this works, especially when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the ability to be able to trade in real time, from one currency to another currency to watch out for certain trends when things are gonna happen in this ecosystem. I remember when Bitcoin was a couple of 100 box and now today it's 741 dollars to the Bitcoin. So you could if you had money to invest in the early days. Now you're obviously making a good rate. You could trade those between different currencies that you think you're going to do well, like a theory. Um, Onda Doetsch coin things like that. And so I'm learning. This is a whole new area for May. Crypto currency is both scary and exciting. Andi Hope you call along on the journey with me. The final one, which is another interesting Bitcoin crypto currency size bit, shares the open legend info. It's a decentralized exchange that the actual exchange itself has been decentralized, which really opens on interesting conversation about money in general. For me personally, I find the idea of an exchange that is spread out all across the globe instead of in just one location owned by one set of people is an incredibly powerful statement. I do worry about how all these crypto currencies work in terms of the power usage that we need to crunch the numbers off the ledger off the block chain. But I'm sure we'll end up with a Blockchain for energy as well at some point. 4. 1.3 - let's go crypto shopping eh?: all right, then. So shopping. Because money, because spending time on something, the majority of people be. Why would I do this? When do I get my money? How can I spend it? People like toe earn money to spend it. So there's a few different areas that I'm noticing popping up. And these are interesting to me because if I earn Bitcoin, I can spend it. There's not many places I can go to where I can spend easily. Or at least not until you look at some of these services. This one is quite interesting to me because it's fairly new. Open bazaar, the old. It's a free market for everybody. There's no fees, no restriction on. It's a peer to peer marketplace. It feels very much to me like the dark nets, like the under net. Very kind of like Tall like it has a little program that runs on your machine, which then connects to this decentralized network of what appears to be e commerce. Stals, like Shopify kind of styles stalls that you just get automatically as soon as you sign up to become a member, and there's people actively trading stuff on their very mind. This is the Wild West on here. There's all these digital services. I don't know if you'll get them. I don't know if you'll the coins will disappear. I wouldn't go into this probably on your master machine, and probably do this on a second dream machine and just experiment, you know, small and work out how things work. It really is a kind of unregulated under on the ground kind of space. But a lot of these spaces feel that way because off the knowledge that you need to have to understand how about Jen works, and I'm still learning myself. Another side that I found this week is where to spend Bitcoins that cut UK. If you want to convert your crypto to Bitcoin, this is a really good site for finding places where you can go and spend that Bitcoin on their site. Personal Io came out of a necessity for me to find a way off. How do I convert Bitcoin to Amazon? Can I find a way to convert it to gift cards? Or how do I get money into Amazon from Bitcoin? So purse io seems to be an interesting way of doing it seems secure. Got lovely. You I looks like they're spent some money on it, and it looks like it's a secure way to do shopping, including places like Amazon. And they're also doing some special thing on there with discounts as well. I'm not really interested too much about the vouchers and the discounts and things like that. I'm just interested in. How do I get my digital crypto currency into a currency? I understand in terms of payment on, How do I get that into the places where I normally buy from and being able to just be ableto work the Web and earn money in a crypt away and have that sent me the daily or weekly or monthly into an account and then into another account out of purchase things gives me a sense off freedom actually on the Web, and I'm interested to see how this plays out. You can find Bitcoin a T M's, believe it or not. Around the country, there's mainly swell a big swarm of them in the UK in London. There's not many dotted around the country is probably, at most, maybe 20 or 30 countrywide in the UK That's gone up from, like two or three in London in the last 34 years, however, and so you can literally go to these a t. M's on, I presume, putting your Bitcoin details your address and get money cash money out of the which is just a whole new brain explode because of it. The idea of crypto currency, it's still a big surprise to me, Excited on, confused at the same time is it's one of those really disruptive technologies that kind of blows my mind that makes me really think about authentic value. What is value? What is money? What is a transactional nature off the sale Now? What am I selling? A. My selling my time, my experience, my legacy of knowledge that I have that I'm selling to you based on the amount of time it takes me to do it. And the Blockchain fully supports that in a decentralized, open, transparent legend way. Another one that I really want to give a shout out to is one of the guys on steam it has made. This is Pierre hub. Dot com is a place that accepts steam as a payment. One of the guys set this up in those various categories on their very early version. Alfa beat a version of it, but I really like where they're heading with it. There is a trust component to this as well. So people from steam who know you have met you trust that you will actually deliver the products that you list on pay Arab become your trustees, and I think that adds another level to e commerce that we've not had before. 5. 1.4 - could we live anywhere on crypto?: Let's talk a little bit about the future off Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. Now the ability that this gives us, especially for me as a digital nomad, the ability to be able to stay, to travel and stay in places just based on the my output open in your lap top somewhere in a coffee shop in the in the world, adding some pictures, writing some tech, having some people following you, empowering you because of their votes that likes their comments. You know, seeing your crypto currency money, earning your curation earnings for that particular post. Rising up and being, l've to move around and pay for things on steam that value exchange off, sending bits of Cryptocurrency to another person to be able to acknowledge. Imagine that imagine. Be able to travel to stay in places based on your output. So what is the future of your job or your career path, and will it be affected by technology? Is it worth investing in crypto? I think Blockchain technology is going to disrupt the world of finance the world of work, and I think your job, your current job in your career. I think you really need to analyze what can be done in a transparent world on demand way. Can a lot of the admin work of your job be taken out on a lot of that? Be automated. Is it a good time to invest in crypt? Is it a good time to take some of that real world money that you have some of that savings and stop putting little bits of money into a crypto currency? Are they mature enough now for you to actually no. But keep the value within that system, Actually be able to trade your time, your bit so crypto currency as a barter exchange of things that you need in the world. Blockchain technology is and will disrupt the way we think about money already has. For May. It made me think about my value, the value I get from people in the value I give back. And it also opens up a big conversation about transparency and work. I think a lot of money in the world gets spent on rubbish. I think a lot of money is wasted. I think there's a lot of areas that could be optimized. I think, as people corrupt governments there is corrupt contractors that are charging lots of money for a job that could be done very cheaply. Just a lot of greed in the world. Unfair distribution off. Well, so I'm kind of excited that we have this underlying currency. Digital crypto currency is not pegged by the financial system and excites me because it opens up a different kind of world where this data can be analytically questioned from multiple areas in the world. People who were following that open Blockchain on. There is a sense there off a first that comes about because it's open instead of being locked away in additional silo. And so that, to me, is fascinating. Looking forward to learning more about it. I believe that social media will change. It will go to a social media version three or four. It will adapt in regards to brand advocates being out to be a brand Africa in a location in a time frame, recording an interview, being paid in micro payments from my time for the interview because it was relevant to be displayed on CNN or some other service. I think being able to be paid for the work I do, and if I put in 10 hours a day, and people are seeing the live stream from that 10 hours a day. People can up vote that actual real time work, a company just spending hundreds of thousands pounds of dollars on a team of four people to go on a jolly to some conference somewhere and hope that that creates some value for the company's actually transparent open ledger. I would love to see a Blockchain for brand advocates globally that news agencies can tap into. I think that would be huge. 6. 1.5 - take part in the project!: All right then. Five step projects go to your project. In the barber load, Put Awesome project title in the project. Works based Be creative. Include pictures and the steps that you talk. Are you doing anything with crypto currency? Do you understand? The Blockchain is their sites that I should be looking at. Did you buy Bitcoins early? And now you have amassed a lot of them. Are you living off Bitcoin? Are you living completely off Cryptocurrency? I would love to hear your comments. Do get in touch. Do follow me on steam it dot com for slash AP team humble and click on the safe. Sweet. You're done. 7. 1.6 - the roundup of this crypto pack!: all right, then, said the roundup. I know all of that was super heavy. My head was exploding and just going on a 1,000,000 directions, and you probably picked up on that. It sure is heavy for me as well, and I'm just getting started on this. I'm excited, though, to the idea that you could be paid for your time investing in a community. And people can see that in a transparent, Blockchain way. And that data can be kind of aggregated input into different places. People can voted up. You get to be known within that community, so the good stuff rises to the surface instead of it being just data mined like it is with Twitter. And Facebook says it feels very much like a a cultural revolution for media makers, for digital creators to finally be allowed to be a creative to be an artist than be paid for that work. Some of the websites I mentioned should make it a little easier for those not savvy with market trading. I have no idea about market trading. I'm sure a lot of people are making a lot of money from doing all these market trading deals but I'm just happy to play with a little bit of it. Coin on a little bit of steam power. I believe it's an area of technology. However we have to be aware off it does exist is accelerating. There is a lot of mining going on in China with big hydro dams with like mining equipment for for Bitcoin, where they're making a lot off the coin dollars love Bitcoin and a lot of dollars per day just from having these computers running, mining the Blockchain. I'm interested to see where that goes to hydropower. Obviously, the water's gushing through, so it's not like we're burning anything. It's just the natural water in the hydro dam. You still need to maintain the damning, all the moving parts. But I'm interested about the power versus the block chain in terms of you know, we need power to power the Blockchain. The power goes off. We have no Blockchain. So really interested to see if we'll end up with kind of a Blockchain for energy usage, where we all work in a decentralized way to feed this machine. And then that opens bigger conversations for me about what is it that we're doing by doing that super fascinating stuff. Please share review on Go Premium, if you can. I do live off the premium subscriptions. I only get $1.50 premium sign up. So if you want to take a premium membership, it's 99 cents for three months, which I think is super super cheap. If you want to give up after after three months, that's fine. If you don't, then they charge you a fee for the year. But it's online training dot Click for slash me. I hope you brought your value today. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye. 8. 1.7 - PLEASE REVIEW, share and go PREMIUM? :): while I have you enjoyed the course, Please share and review the course. It really does. Help me out. Click on the triple dot button. Leave a review shared with Twitter and Facebook. I'll catch up with you.