create your first app with react native and react navigation | Ahmed Fakhr | Skillshare

create your first app with react native and react navigation

Ahmed Fakhr, knowledge is nothing without sharing

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4 Videos (1h 25m)
    • React navigation stack navigator

    • Drawer navigation

    • Tab navigator

    • Final_project


About This Class

in this class you will learn 

1- What is react navigation and why we need it in react native projects?

2- What is the difference between React navigation types ?

3- How to work with each one individually and how to integrate them together ?

4- How to work with the Web view ?

5- How to check internet connectivity with Nefinfo in react native ?

6- What is the state and why we need and how to use it ?

7- What is the difference between local state and Redux ?

8- How to work with components and events ?

an much more ..





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Ahmed Fakhr

knowledge is nothing without sharing

My name is Fakhr. 29 years old, owner of WEBEASYSTEP academy ,currently working as PHP MYSQL developer and web instructor but i worked also with java and android

I worked as developer many years ago , before that I studied networking , Web security also I am interesting in other programing languages ,but my best favorite Hobby is to deliver information to people In the simplest way possible.

At the beginning of my life i ran into learning problems because of the difficulty to de...

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