Watercolor and Mixed Media Premium class

Ana Victoria Calderón, Artist

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9 Videos (2h 45m)
    • Trailer

    • Supplies

    • Blocking Space/White over watercolor

    • Negative Space

    • Masking Fluid

    • White Ink

    • Clouds Activity

    • Experimental Watercolor Extra

    • Final Project!


About This Class

Welcome to my second Skillshare class! This class is aimed towards intermediate level watercolor users. If you are a beginner, please take my first class: Modern Watercolor Techniques for Beginners, as we will be referring to basic techniques throughout this class. 

Here I will show you how to achieve great results painting in negative space, using either your pulse and precision skills, or masking fluid, as well as techniques for using white paint (ink or acrylics) over you watercolors. 

I also demonstrate a variety of paintings I have created and explain why and how I used certain techniques.

I addition, we will dive into experimental watercolor even more, using different mediums and household supplies, including masking fluid, acetone (nail polish remover), thick grain salt… to name a few!

By the end of this class you will be able to complete an AMAZING watercolor illustration, using the various techniques we have learned. You will also begin to train your watercolor brain to think in layers and sections.

Happy to have you here!

Class Layout: 

- Supplies 

what are we using and how?

- Blocking Space 

Using masking fluid vs negative space and when to use ink over watercolor 

- Negative Space Exercise 

- Masking Fluid Exercise 

- Using Acrylic/Ink Over Watercolor 

- Experimental Textures 

- Cloud Practice

-Final Project (using all the techniques we learned)

- Painting Clouds 

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Ana's lessons are the reason why I joined Skillshare in the first place. I adore her style and she's been super informative and helpful in imparting her expertise and knowledge. Pleasant voice, encouraging, and so many tips! Strongly recommend this to anyone who loves watercolour painting. Looking forward to more of her classes!
I have taken all of her classes and I love how she teaches by painting everything herself in real time so you can watch her hand movements and brush angles and copy them! Thesee classes build on one another so it's good to start at the beginning. She is a super practical teacher. Very inspiring and very fun.
This is a wonderful class. I learned a lot from the instruction and the activities.





My name is Ana Victoria Calderón, and I’m an American/Mexican artist based in Mexico City. I have a degree in Graphic Design with continued studies in Fine Arts. Over the past 5 years I have developed a signature watercolor technique, which I am very excited to share with you here today!

I teach a few in person workshops a year, sell my art prints and product online and work with great clients such as Galison, Papyrus, Up With Paper, Studio Oh!, Demdaco and Design Design! We also run a small wedding and stationery studio, where you can create personalized illustrations using our signature events catalog.

To see more of my work, please visit anavictoriana.com, and my Instagram account to see what I’m up to!