Watercolor Textures Premium class

Ana Victoria Calderón, Artist

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7 Videos (2h 3m)
    • Watercolor Textures Intro

    • Supplies

    • Texture Swatches part 1

    • Texture Swatches part 2

    • Slideshow (Examples by Great Artists!)

    • Choosing Colors for Your Project (BONUS material!)

    • FInal Project


About This Class

Welcome to my 3rd skillshare class: Watercolor Textures, if you enjoyed my beginner class and mixed media class you’re gonna love this!

In my beginner class, I showed you all the basics of transparencies, pulse and precision. In this class, we are taking it a step further and actually creating AMAZING watercolor paintings using these simple tools and applying them to your ideas and a final work of art in mind.

We begin by practicing our textures is this really fun activity I like to call texture swatches. Through this activity I will bring you into my creative process and experience how I come up with new ideas.

I will also show you examples of fantastic artists I admire and analyze how they apply textures into their works of art.

By the time we get to our final project you will be a pro at textures and will have the confidence to jump into a final illustration with full commitment. Our final project will be painting an animal and/or the environment surrounding it. I promise you’ll make something beautiful! :D

Links to the amazing artists suggested in slide show:

Michelle Morin



Geninne D. Zlatkis



Golly Bard



River Luna



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So far I have only watched the videos as I wait for my art supplies in the mail. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and can't wait to start at the beginning and do all the assignments. Ana is AWESOME.
Watching Ana paint is mesmerising. Taking all three of her classes has been really informative and interesting. As a moderately experienced painted, I found them really worthwhile.
What a wonderful class! I already took Ana Victoria's first class about watercolor and it was the first time I actually used watercolor. I learned so much from that class and it gave me the confidence to keep experimenting. This "Watercolor Textures" class was just as wonderful. I spent a whole day making textures and I am about to start my final project. Ana Victoria makes these techniques accessible and any intimidation I had from thinking I can't do it just disappears. I love how in these classes there are exercises and it's very hands on and practical and doable and not too hard but you get impressive results you can be proud of and continue exploring on your own. Highly recommended!
Keren Duchan

Crafter, Doodler





My name is Ana Victoria Calderón, and I’m an American/Mexican artist based in Mexico City. I have a degree in Graphic Design with continued studies in Fine Arts. Over the past 5 years I have developed a signature watercolor technique, which I am very excited to share with you here today!

I teach a few in person workshops a year, sell my art prints and product online and work with great clients such as Galison, Papyrus, Up With Paper, Studio Oh!, Demdaco and Design Design! We also run a small wedding and stationery studio, where you can create personalized illustrations using our signature events catalog.

To see more of my work, please visit anavictoriana.com, and my Instagram account to see what I’m up to!