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5 Videos (10m)
    • Upcycle T shirt Yarn Introduction

    • Upcycle T shirt Yarn Supplies

    • Upcycle T shirt Yarn Get started

    • Upcycle T shirt Yarn Final Steps

    • Upcycle T shirt Yarn Conclusion


About This Class


If you're like our family... we're "just in it for the t-shirt!" Whether it's a charity event, concert or sports team, the t-shirts accumulate fast!

This project is a great way to UPcycle those shirts... but if you'd rather not part with your memories, a wide variety of colorful t-shirts can be found at your local thrift store a a great price. 

Follow these few easy steps to create approximately 40 yards of a continuous strand of colorful, machine washable, cotton, heavy worsted to bulky weight yarn out of each shirt.

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This is awesome! i'll be using this project with my little Waldorf neighbours. : ) Great class and what a cool idea. Looking forward to upcycling a few t's!
Angela O.

Teaching many things, and learning many more!





Jill Tarabar

Graphic Designer by day. Fiber Artist by night.

me in a nutshell:
mom of 2 great young adults
wife of a wonderful husband
graphic designer by day
fiber and glass artist by night
somewhat obsessed by the creative process
blessed (or cursed) by fearless creativity...

I have been knitting for as long as I can remember, learning from my mother and grandmother. Always searching for an interesting project or technique, unusual fiber or stitch pattern. I've knit with yarn, wire and up-cycled yarn from old t-shirts (watch for a future Skillshare class on this technique!) My largest project by far was designing and knitting the Chuppah for my son's wedding. 

I've also spent a number of years working with Stained Glass, designing jewelry boxes, picture frames and more. Ultimately, my goal is to somehow combine knitting with stained glass... stay tuned!

I currently have two shops on so you are welcome to check out my stained glass creations and knits - including yarn for sale. I have more yarn in my house than a person could knit in a lifetime so some of it has found it's way into my etsy shop!

Visit JiSTknits on Etsy

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