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6 Videos (25m)
    • Introduction

    • (1) Supplies

    • (2) Fish & Doodle Inspiration

    • (3) Painting the Watercolor Background

    • (4) Drawing Fish Doodles

    • Thanks + Your Project


About This Class


Personalize Your Space with Watercolor Fish Doodle Wall Art!

This is the first class in my Personalize Your Space DIY Series.  In this class I'll show you how I create wall art by drawing doodles over a watercolor background. 

There's a practice sheet available for download by clicking the "Your Project" tab, and then the link, "See Full Description."


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a fun and creative way to create your own frameable art. I loved it!





Annette Brown

Embrace + Express Creativity

Hello there! I’m Annette, and my Skillshare channel is dedicated to helping you embrace and express your creativity!

Although I’ve expressed my creativity in many ways since I was young, for various reasons I didn’t always embrace my creative gifts. You can say I had a love-hate relationship with anything related to creativity – dance, music, poetry, printmaking, textile dyeing, studio arts, and even the investigative nature of science – they all either strongly attracted or repelled me at some point.

But since deciding to fully embrace my creative interests, it’s as though a whole new world has been unveiled before my eyes, and I’d like to share my creative journey with you.

I’m open to hearing about new class suggestions as well. So if there’s a way that I can help you to embrace and express your creativity, you can send me a note either directly or through the discussions tab.


Thanks for stopping by!


Annette F. Brown


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