Interior Decor: Mastering the Art of Paper Flower Making

Brittany Jepsen

5 Videos (54m)
  • Intro & Materials

    • Intro to the class

  • Creating a Paper Flower Dahlia

    • Creating a Paper Flower Dahlia

  • Creating a Paper Flower Dogwood

    • Creating a Dogwood

  • Creating a Paper Flower Rose & Greenery

    • Making the Paper Rose Step by Step

  • Creating a Paper Flower Arrangement

    • How to Make Your Floral Arrangement and Conclusion


This class is no longer available.

About This Class

Are you a self-described Black Thumb? Fret no more! Learn a new set of skills by creating flowers that never die--flowers made from paper!This class is for anyone interested in paper and flowers especially those who want to use their skills for working in flower arranging or just making a casual bouquet for home decor, or to give as homemade gifts.  In this online class on Skillsha... Read More

Brittany Jepsen

I LOVE flowers! And I'm most happy that they have become my life. I have a master's in interior design and started making paper flowers for the COP15 climate conference event at the Royal Danish Embassy in Washington, DC in 2009. Shortly after tha... Read More