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5 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction and Class Overview

    • Tools and material

    • Making the pendant

    • Weave demo

    • Finishing up the pendant


About This Class

In this class,we will learn how to make a pendant using a tear drop/briolette bead and some wire. In doing that, you will also learn a wire weaving technique that can be applied to other projects.

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Looks beautiful! Can't wait for supplies to come in!
Great class, Enjoyed it very much!
Very nice and concise project! Great for introductory wirework!
Odin O

Jewelry Artist, Writer, Game Dev





Colette Kimon

Crafting is very relaxing for me.

Hello! my name is Colette. I enjoy making things, and I love DIY and craft projects. I have been making jewelry for the last 12 years and creating tutorials for the last 7. I am mostly self taught and I just love learning new techniques. For the time being, I work mostly with wire and metal sheets. My work has been featured in the September 2011, Fall 2012, and spring 2013 issues of Wirework Magazine. I also have a project published in a jewelry book. I make all my creations from my home studio in northern West Virginia where I live with my family