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2 Videos (10m)
    • DIY Fun Rainbow Colored Slime Craft! Part 1

    • DIY Fun Rainbow Colored Slime Craft! Part 2


About This Class

Learn how to make this awesome colorful slime craft in minutes! Step by step instructions let you know exactly what you need and how to make it happen!

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This is cool! My youngest kid used this to create one and enjoyed the experience a lot. Thank you very much.
Maria Silvo

Coloring Bookworm

My kids loved this





Alyssa Farr

Fun Crafts for the Whole Family!

Making crafts yourself is so much fun! Here I will go over some of the coolest Pinterest crafts along with original ones, from cooking to just plain fun! Follow along & give them a try! Practice makes perfect, so don't give up, & remember that everyone's final product will look slightly different - sometimes even better than mine!

I look forward to your lovely creations! Let's get started!