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4 Videos (20m)
    • Getting Started

    • Cutting

    • Painting

    • Tips and Examples


About This Class

Join visual artist Morgan Lindsay Nelson as she walks you through the steps to make your own stencil painting. Devised from a method inspired by street artists, like Mr. Brainwash, you'll learn the tricks to cutting a perfect stencil plus discover how many fun and different effects can be achieved with this technique.





Morgan Lindsay Nelson

Visual Artist + Writer

Morgan Lindsay Nelson is a visual artist and writer.

She presently teaches writing, creates content to inspire fellow creatives, and, behind-the-scenes, is deep in creation mode developing a webcomic and YouTube videos.

Her current greatest joy is drawing lil' creatures like these.

Morgan lives in the Pacific Northwest with her most treasured family and friends…not to mention an out-of-control accumulation of Criterion Collection films and more high-waisted jeans, crop tops, and loafers than she can keep track of ;)

Learn more about Morgan & her work here: