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8 Videos (19m)
    • Oops Intro

    • Step 1

    • Step 2

    • Step 3

    • Step 4

    • Oops Class Project

    • Oops Case Study

    • Oops Closing


About This Class



Ever heard or thought watercolor is so hard because you can't make a mistake? Not true. Mistakes are had. How you deal with those mistakes makes all the difference. 

In this second installment of the Confident Watercolors Series, we embrace the inevitable: mistakes! Learning to handle mistakes in watercolor is key to feeling comfortable with them. This "Oops." class will give you a step-by-step process to facing, dealing with, and correcting your own oops moments. Implementing these four steps will speed up your confidence when facing your next piece!

What You'll Learn:

  • The 4 steps to dealing with most mistakes in watercolor--complete with examples and demos
  • You'll watch Amarilys exercise these steps in a case study piece--walking through her thought process while understanding how these steps work together.
  • Gain a more accurate awareness for how watercolor paints work

Get comfortable with the process and enjoy your painting sessions more deeply!

Enroll to join our class of imperfect painters creating beautifully bold things.





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Really useful tips, thanks, Amarilys!
Love, love, love all her classes!!!
very nice class!





Amarilys Henderson

Watercolor Illustrator, Design Thinker

I process on paper and I problem-solve with keystrokes.

As a commercial illustrator, I've had the pleasure of bringing the dynamic vibrance of colorful watercolor strokes to everyday products. My work is licensed for greeting and Christmas cards, art prints, drawing books, and home decor items. My design background influences much of my recent work, revolving around typography and florals. 

If anything describes me, it's that I'm an explorer. I am interested in how things work, often bouncing from the fine art world to vectors, from paint to textile patterns. I'm forever ignited by new ideas and projects, aiming to master them while enjoying the process.

While my professional work in illustration and wedding stationery are driven by trend, my personal work springs from my faith. Bold beauty and ingenuity are my aim every time.

Read a recent article about Amarilys' work by Many Shapes Art.