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5 Videos (20m)
    • Class intro

    • Technique #1

    • Technique #2

    • Technique #3

    • Final thoughts


About This Class


Follow along as I will teach you different ways to achieve the marble effects that you can in turn use to create different kinds of stationery products. You will also learn my tips and tricks on how to create a beautiful and fail proof marble effects every time. The students will then share their own creations using the different techniques and color combination. The process of paper marbling will be messy but a fun one nonetheless! You'll be amazed at all the wonderful patterns and colors that emerge beautifully on a piece of plain white paper.

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I really enjoy Hazirah's classes, it's nice to learn something that looks complex in a short amount of time.
Brandy Folse

Graphic Designer / Owner Hummingbird Press

great class looks like fun with a beautiful result
These techniques are something really new to me! Great base for new ideas... Love it! Thank you for sharing! :)





Hazirah Kadir

Left Handed Crafter


I believe that there's a creative side inside each and everyone of us. I believe that you don't need to have an artistic talent in order to create something beautiful. My mission is to help you realize that you too can produce amazing artwork. All my classes are fun, bite-sized and easy to follow. Check them out and I'm sure you'll be walking away with a masterpiece of your own in no time.