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cap embroidery design in adobe illustrator

Youssef Sanad, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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14 Videos (51m)
    • Introduction

    • pen tool lecture

    • Emproidering vs screen print

    • the text

    • 1 choosing the text and applaying shadows

    • 2 compeleting the shadows

    • 3 finshing the shadows

    • 4 final touches on the shadows

    • 5 wrapping the text

    • 6 stroke and 3d look

    • 7 finishing the black stroke

    • 8 snapback mock up stage 1

    • 9 snapback mock up stage 2

    • 10 here it is our work


About This Class

Hello, everyone, my name is Youssef Sanad I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. in this class I will show you how to design snap-back cap embroidery in adobe illustrator from choosing and customizing the text. also how to apply strokes and shadows to the text and how to make the best mock-up for your embroidery.


here it's all the steps:

- choose a sporty font like the long shot font.

- try to customize the text as possible to make it unique.

- make another copy from the text and make it the last layer without moving it.

- add a thick stroke to that layer and make it black.

- while the last layer is selected go to object and expand that layer.

- also, go to Pathfinder and unite the expanded layer to make it one shape.

- repeat the same process again and give the expanded stroke a hot glowing color like hot red. 

- to add shadows to the text, make a circle or a rectangle above the text and give it a different color than the text color.

- align the shape you made and the text vertically to balance the shadows, make the shape in the middle of the text.

- select both the text and the shape you made and use the shape builder tool, press Alt and delete the unwanted parts. 

- group all the design. more advanced effects in the class lectures.

see you in the class.

Youssef Sanad.





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Youssef Sanad

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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