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8 Videos (22m)
    • Neil And Linda Introduce The Course

    • What Are Shared Web-Hosting Accounts?

    • What Are Reseller Web-Hosting Accounts?

    • What Is A VPS (Virtual Private Server) Web-Hosting Account?

    • What Is A Dedicated Web-Hosting Account?

    • What Is A Cloud Web-Hosting Account?

    • Do You Have Special Web-Hosting Requirements?

    • Class Conclusions


About This Class

Web Hosting: Discover The Common Types Of Web-Hosting Accounts!

This class is purposely very niche. It explains the different common web-hosting accounts and who they're intended for so that a web-hosting beginner can easily decide which web-hosting account they need.


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Knew nothing about web hosting. Feel a bit more knowledgeable now. Thank you!





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