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7 Videos (18m)
    • Twitter account

    • Addmefast account creation

    • Getting 1000 points

    • Hashtag research

    • Shortening Your Link

    • Targeted Traffic

    • Untargeted Traffic


About This Class

In this class, Howard will teach you the basics of using Twitter to drive free traffic to your offer, website or business page.

Included in the course

  • Creating a business twitter account
  • Acquiring "points" which will allow you tweet to get favourited and retweeted
  • Shortening your link to track clicks and effectiveness

Enroll now and let's get started !

Take Advantage Of Twitters New Found Popularity

 Social Networking has been a great way for Internet marketers to accomplish many of their marketing goal's for quite some time now. But social networking is used by many other people for many other reason's. But when it come's to using social marketing for best results, their is one aspect that will equate to the desired results -Traffic, Friends, and Followers. Right now it is looking like Twitter is taking over the social networking scene, and creating Twitter Traffic should be our number one goal while IT is on the rise.

You can look at this like the stock market. When you know a stock is rising, the earlier you buy in, the more money you make. Only with Twitter, there really is no risk of the stock going down for some unknown reason. Actually, from what it look's like, Twitter is everywhere. 

On the media outlets, such as TMZ, think Paris Hilton, or any number of the attention seekers. Then there is the sport's world, with Shaquille O'Neal tweeting during an actual game! I also noticed one of the CNN news anchor's providing update's on his twitter page. Let's face it, Tweeter is growing, growing exponentially. And the number of Twitter members is rising like crazy. So using the right Twitter Traffic system right now could be huge. Most of us already have our Twitter account's all set-up and ready to go, and simply by taking advantage of this influx in Twitter traffic should be easy. 

Twitter Traffic Should Be a Priority

Any time we have a chance to take advantage of a surge in a social medium's popularity, we really need to take things up a notch. Doing the regular  traffic and follower technique's is O.K, and we will probably see success, but to be successful, there need's to be more action taken. All the Twitter exposure mean's that building a huge following will pay off. Think about all the new members that are ready to get involved in this "Twitter" thing. Everyone of them is a potential follower. And there is no reason why we shouldn't re-assess the way we market on this site.

Basically, we cant expect this Twitter phase to last for too long. They never do, and once thing's settle down, there won't be another opportunity like it for awhile. 

One of the way's we can increase our  Traffic is to turn your Twitter Traffic method into an autopilot system, that does not have to be looked at or messed with every 10 minutes. This is the best way to take advantage of the current Twitter explosion. Face it, we dont have a lot of time to spend on things like Twitter, so we need to make the job of social networking a lot easier. There are many different Twitter tools out there, but knowing exactly how to utilize these tool's is the key. Personally, I went ahead and decided to use a completely automated Twitter Traffic system. It pretty much showed me what I needed to know to totally automate the whole Twitter process. It showed me how to use all the Free Twitter tools to make life a whole lot easier. 

Automate Your Twitter Traffic System

I can safely say that, right now is a great time to put some sort  of automated  Traffic system in to effect. If you would like more information on a cool new Twitter Traffic System, just follow the link below. It will take you to my  blog, where I show some of the basic Traffic methods used to automate the  Traffic process.






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