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About This Class

In this course I will tell you about the three most promising niches of 2016 for internet marketers.

They mostly remain the same through time, but there has been some development.

Enroll now and keep your mind open!

As you start to get into product sourcing more and more, you will soon be able to pick out a Hot Niche and an evergreen niche. Before we get into the main part of this article, I do want to point out that there is nothing wrong at all in selling into a Hot Niche or an Evergreen Niche, but what is important for you to learn about is the difference and how to approach each one.

Let's start with a Hot Niche. Now I can hear you say lets sell into hot niches and we will make money big time. Well yes and no, the life span of a Hot Niche might only be a few hours, or it could last a few years. Let me give you a few examples. "Elvis Coming To The UK On A Set Day", this is a Hot Niche it will be for a set period of time and you will only have a limited time span into which the items will sell. Another example is the 2012 Olympics it is hot for a set few days. Lastly another example could be a kids toy that is only hot for some months.

If you want to make money in the hot niches, you need to be able to buy domain names and make websites fast and know how to do basic SEO. For instance you could hear some world news and within hours you have a site up you can make money. But as a side line it is not nice to make money from bad news, stay away from this at all costs.

You can have something that is hot and evergreen at the same time, a good example is Halloween. This become hot from September onwards and peaks mid October, then dies down until next year. Now you can add, say Baby Halloween outfits, this is an evergreen niche, but stay away from say Super-Hero baby outfits. The reason being super-heros change each year. You are far better picking baby Halloween costumes, as these will sell year in and year out.

Some good evergreen niches to choose from to always make money from are:

- Kids and Babies

- Health

- Sex

- Money

- Retirement

- Home and Garden.

And within those evergreen niches you will always find some hot niches to make some quick money from. But remember it is far better to make long term money than it is to make fast money. And if you choose some of the above evergreen niches you will make money year in and year out.





Howard Lynch

Business Owner

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Hello everyone! I am an experienced internet marketer. I specialize in selling ebooks and producing videos. I wish to share what I have learned and connect with internet marketers. I will answer any questions regarding internet marketing, so don't hesitate to contact me and I will get back to you in no time.

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