Top 10 Items To Sell On Amazon FBA Premium class

Alun Hill, Journalist and Broadcaster

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15 Videos (35m)
    • Introduction Video

    • Item: Beard Oil - Your Own Brand For Just A Few Dollars!

    • Item: Health Bars Branded In Your Name For 69c Each!

    • Item: MT

    • Item: BL

    • Item: BBW

    • Item: DSM

    • Item: JR

    • Item: YM

    • Item: S

    • Item: CS

    • Finding USA Based Suppliers And Small Order Quantities The Easy Way

    • 5 Things For Success On Amazon FBA Which You Must Do!

    • Advanced search alibaba

    • Five things


About This Class

Although Amazon FBA is rightly popular, thi is beleibef to be the first course to show in detail the items you should offer -and wher eto get them!

This course, based on over a year of research and interviews with Amazon's top sellers, reveals the items and niches you should be covering.

And it explains why you should offer these items and where to get them from.

The items are not the top sellers, they're not the most expensive nor the most profitable.

Simply, they're the ones that are

  • easiest to sell,
  • have repeat sales benefits,
  • cost tiny amounts (starting with pennies) to buy,
  • can be bought in very low quantities and
  • which sell for very high profits

- they're the items which have low competition and high demand.

They're items that you can profit from within days.

No importing is necessary - these can all be bought online within the USA - but you can live ANYWHERE in the world and make profitable use of this course.

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I've taken several classes from Alun on other sites so I was happy to find him here on Skillshare. Always full of good information. He's a good teacher. Thorough and to the point. This was a very helpful class.





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