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23 Videos (49m)
    • Introduction to Time Value of Money

    • Simple Interest

    • Simple Interest Example

    • Compounding Interest

    • Types of Compounding

    • Compound Interest Example

    • Monthly Compounding Example

    • Problem on Compounding Interest

    • Problem on Computation of Compounding Interest

    • How to Compute Future Value of Single Amount?

    • How to find Doubling Period for an Investment?

    • How to find Future Value of an annuity?

    • Examples for Future Value of an annuity

    • How to find Present Value?

    • Present Value Example

    • Present Value Example 2

    • How to find Present Value of Fixed Cash Flows?

    • Present Value Annuity Example

    • Present Value Annuity Problem

    • How to Compute EMI?

    • Problem on EMI

    • Factor Table

    • Perpetuity


About This Class

This course is about Time Value of Money.
Time Value of Money is an important concept in Financial Management. In Business, Financial Decisions should be taken only after considering the Time Value aspects of Money.
Time Value of Money is based on the concept that money you have today is worth more than the promise or expectation that you will receive in the future.

Everyone knows that money deposited in a savings account will earn interest. Because of this universal fact, we would prefer to receive money today rather than the same amount in the future.
This course is presented in simple style.
By taking this course, you will learn the following topics:
a) What is Simple Interest?
Interest is computed on a simple basis if it is paid only on the principal of the loan.
b) What is Compound Interest?
Compound interest is paid on accumulated loan interest as well as on the principal.
c) How to compute Future Value of Single Amount?
You will learn how to compute Future Value of Single Amount.
d) How to compute Future Value of Periodic Cash Flow?
You will learn how to compute Future Value of Periodic Cash Flows.
e) How to compute Present Value of Single Amount?
You will learn how to compute Present Value of Single Amount.

f) How to compute Present Value of Periodic Cash Flow?
You will learn how to compute Present Value of Periodic Cash Flows.
g) How to compute Doubling Period of an Investment?
You will learn how to compute Doubling Period for Investment.
h) How to compute Present Value of Perpetuity?
You will learn how to compute Present Value of Perpetuity.
This course has self paced learning video lectures.
There are 23 video lectures discussed under 4 Sections.
Take this course to understand the nuances of Time Value of Money for Business Finance as well as Personal Finance Activities.

Mandatory Disclosure regarding course contents:

The contents of this course will also be available in

a) Financial Management - A Complete Study

b) Accounting, Finance and Banking - A Comprehensive Study

courses, which are comprehensive in nature. If you have already purchased any of the above two courses, then you need purchase this course.






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Ca Raja Natarajan

Chartered Accountant

I am a Chartered Accountant with tonnes of passion for teaching.

I teach Financial Management for Chartered Accountancy and Cost and Management Accountancy students in Ernakulam,India. and I teach 100+ Finance, Accounts, Costing, Banking, Credit Analysis, Statistics, etc. in Skillshare.  

I also hold

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration in Finance from Symbiosis, Pune
  2. Bachelors in Commerce, from Loyola College, Chennai.

I worked in State Bank of India as Assistant Vice President - Credit for a period of four years after which i started my Chartered Accountancy Practice.

During the stint in State Bank of India, I worked on credit proposals of Mid Corporate Units and gained good experience in

a) Financial Analysis

b) Risk Assessment

c) Viability Study

d) Evaluating business models

e) Project Finance

f) Working Capital Management, etc.

I conduct work shops for Entrepreneurs, Chartered Accountancy / Cost and Management Accountancy Students on the topics like

a) Project Finance

b) Credit Risk Assessment

c) Entrepreneurship Development

d) Finance for Non Finance Executives

e) Burning Desire for Entrepreneurship

I love teaching and i want fundamentals of accounting and finance to reach students and so i am here.