The Sales Engine-6 Gears to Accelerate Sales Success Free class

Youshaa Motan, Online sales teacher & founder of SalesTutor

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22 Videos (51m)
    • Meet SalesTutor

    • An introduction to the Sales Engine

    • Are great Salespeople born or made?

    • Module 1-Communication Skills

    • Buyers Incentive

    • Identify Need

    • Common pain points-You provide solutions

    • The Buying Cycle-What your client thinks

    • The Buying Cycle continued

    • The Selling Cycle-To your clients rescue

    • The Selling Cycle Continued

    • The Buying & Selling Cycles in review

    • Module 2-Connect & Match the Buying and Selling Cycle

    • Gear 1-Creating the Need

    • Gear 1-Need continued

    • Gear 2-Explore Impact

    • Gear 3-Target

    • Gear 4-Tailor

    • Gear 5-Closing

    • 6th Gear-Evaluation

    • Avoiding Engine Failure

    • Conclusion to The Sales Engine


About This Class

This is a Sales Fundamentals course: Get your fundamental psychology aligned to make more sales. Working with as opposed to against the laws of nature to close more clients.

This course is for:

  • Anyone in sales, in any sales sector or any entrepreneur looking to employ a sales process to their sales funnel that works and will yield better returns in sales and energy.

At the conclusion of the course:

  • You will know how to use the 6 step sales Engine sales process to close more sales and accelerate your sales figures. 
  • You will feel confident in your fundamental sales ability and understand the science of selling. The result will mean you will sell more - with purpose and clarity.

Know and apply these 6 steps to understand your clients buying behaviour and close more sales. Sales is a circle of reciprocity and mutuality, and this course is designed to fine-tune your selling psychology so that you can start instantly to win more sales with its application.

Step 1 -Take this free course and up your sales game.

Step 2 -Just add action

Step 3 -Success awaits!

Bonus-You receive a free PDF Affirmations e-Playbook and an Open questions workbook.

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Very useful sales tips!
Jay Cruise

Achieve Optimum Health and FItness

Very thorough process of learning and improving sales.
Julio Lara Simple Steps to a Solid Foundation

Great Course!
George Gaston Pombal

French Teacher





Youshaa Motan

Online sales teacher & founder of SalesTutor

Co-Founder of SalesTutor-Sales Success made Simple and online teaching business developer. Managing Editor of SalesLife Magazine- The Lifestyle Magazine for Sales Professionals, Marketers and Entrepreneurs on the move. Based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Youshaa has been involved in Sales & Entrepreneurship - in various capacities for over 20 years now in South Africa. He has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing & has won numerous awards in the sales sector at top blue-chip companies he has done work for.

He is proficient in sales and marketing strategy, digital marketing and graphic design.

He is passionate about digital marketing as well as marketing psychology and its intrinsic connection to philosophy. He fosters a spiritual and purposeful approach to his Sales teachings.

His hybrid courses connect contemporary, aesthetically-pleasing graphic design with powerful, new-age sales psychology merged with innovative digital and social marketing strategies.

He is the author of The Manifesto of the Spiritual Salesman.

You can connect with Youshaa via social media or email.

email | [email protected]

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To your success!