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3 Videos (18m)
    • 1.The Fear Terminator Overview

    • 2.What is Fear ? I mean, Seriously !

    • 3.Time to Become a Fear Terminator !


About This Class

Hey lovely people,

I am back with my new class and this one is going to be a Gem.

You know What, I have been blessed to have really great mentors.I get to learn some great stuff.

And This is what I am doing here.I will teach you about HOW TO DEAL WITH YOUR FEARS.

Maybe you are scared of Heights, Flying, Dogs or in our daily Business, Scared of Video creation, Marketing, Putting your stuff out in public.

A lot of Fears literally kills what really Matters.This is where it all ends.

You'll get learn how to finally Terminate The fear of anything from your Life.


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Love this class all about fear .. Great knowledge for anyone looking to get rid of fear .Thank for this class
Indy Singh

Work Smart Not Hard

Thanks for making this course. Fear is a killer that has killed so many people before the real evil they feared.
Delords Austin Amuzie

I Build Lives and Businesses - Let's Connect

Really good course on facing fear well presented
Craig Smith

Learn To Gain





Shubhashish Mendhe

Lets Learn something New Today

Hey Awesome fella,

I am Shubhashish Mendhe and I am Glad to be connected with you here on Skillshare.

I have been an Internet Marketer for almost 9 Years Now.I am Specialized into Marketing, Sales, Product Creation,Copywriting and Online Mass Persuation Mechanism.

Other than That, I happen to be a hardcore Personal Developement and Self Helf Researcher, Student and I Regularly And religiously practice the Beautiful ideas showered by some of the best Pioneers of the Industry.Right from Motivation to Meditation, Holistic Lifestyle to Success Mapping and Wealth generation, I would love to teach you all the High Quality and Super effective Secret & Covert Concepts and Dynamics to make your Life a living Heaven.

I am Also a Music Producer and Love making Music.I look forward to teach you how to make A little Music too as Everyone Loves listening to it.Its time you start making what you love to listen yourself if you are even slightly interested in it.

I look forward to talk to you in person and help you with what you need to learn about and Also very open to learn whatever Awesome knowledge you want to share with me.