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6 Videos (30m)
    • Presentation

    • Course project

    • Building the content

    • Sketchnote elements

    • Cleaning in Pixlr

    • Final recommendations


About This Class


You'll learn how to create your own sketchnotes and use them as powerful, engaging and meaningful slidehows that will help you to explain, connect and sell better your idea.

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Wow, this made it really simple to create impactful images. Great information.
Drs. Rob & Janelle Alex, Ph.D.

The Power Couple of Teaching

A very brief but effective overview of how to add some life to your presentations. From basic tools to editing ready for use. Get away from stock clipart porn and develop slides that are you, really you!
Andi Roberts

Facilitator - Coach - Trainer

Nice idea! Thank you!
Anna Lynd

Live simply. Care deeply. Help cheerfully.





Fernando Pérez

Visual facilitator

Visual facilitator - Creative doodler. With the power of doodles, I help tech & innovation companies to visualise their ideas & strategies in an engaging and productive way for their clients and teams.

Twitter: @fperezguajardo

E-mail: [email protected]

Flickr: https:[email protected]/

Facilitador gráfico/doodler. Con el poder de los dibujos, en tiempo real ayudo a industrias de tecnología e innovación a explicar y transmitir ideas con claridad, para que conecten con sus clientes y equipos de trabajo.

Twitter: @fperezguajardo

E-mail: [email protected]

Flickr: https:[email protected]/