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5 Videos (28m)
    • Welcome & Overview

    • Module 1 - What is a Niche?

    • Module 2- Does my niche align with my purpose and passions?

    • Module 3-Get Crystal Clear & Leverage Your Niche

    • Project & Homework


About This Class

Welcome to Align Your Niche!  This course is intended for coaches or consultants in service based  businesses, but could also support product based businesses models. My goal is to guide you to refining your niche and aligning it with your passions for more success.Free 12 + Page PDF Workbook!

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Gets you to consider the key questions you need to answer in order to find a niche you will be happy with.





Angela Neufeld

Biz Growth Strategist For Creative Entrepreneurs


Angela Neufeld is a Business Growth Strategist and Marketing Junkie for  online women in creative business who want to create or seriously grow a sustainable business online. It is my mission to provide practical, creative, out of the box ideas and solutions to inspire, motivate, and support your business success! I have created several successful online and brick & mortar business to six figures.  I sleep, live and breathe business and marketing, and am a multi passionate creative entrepreneur ... I love to keep things lighthearted and fun, while creating a sustainable business with PURPOSE AND PROFIT! Yes I totally GEEK OUT with course creation and passive income strategies!

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