Lessons in Launching Your Creative Career: The Art of Self-Promotion

Brad Woodard, Designer + Illustrator

9 Videos (1h 50m)
  • Your Place on the Internet

    • Trailer

    • Welcome to Class

    • Creating an Effective Portfolio Website

    • Tracking Your Progress

  • Making Social Media a Business Tool

    • Social Media Part 1

    • Social Media Part 2

  • Professional Writing and Voice

    • Professional Writing and Voice

  • Reaching Out and Connecting

    • Reaching Out

  • The Launch

    • The Launch Campaign


About This Class

Whether you are a creative just starting out, trying to land that first job, or you are ready to make the big leap and go solo, self-promotion is the key.  You may have the best portfolio in the world, but if nobody knows it exists, it doesn't matter. I am Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods, a design and illustration studio, which I recently left the corporate world to start with my w... Read More

Brad Woodard, Designer + Illustrator

I am a graphic designer and illustrator raised in the Great Northwest, now living in Austin, Texas with my wife and little boy. After graduating with a BFA in graphic design, I started my career as an information designer and illustrator at Column Fi... Read More