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    • What's the Difference between Page & Group?

    • Creating your Facebook Group like a Pro!

    • Optimizing your Facebook Group

    • Managing your Facebook Group

    • Top Ways to Monetize your Facebook Group

    • Creating a Stunning Facebook Cover

    • Getting Unlimited Royalty Free Images

    • Final Project

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About This Class

In this Class, you will learn How to Create Super Optimized Facebook Groups for you or for your Business.

Facebook Groups are growing exponentially every day with more and more people joining to communities where they collaborate and share ideas with each other.

Creating a Facebook Groups for your audience, your clients or your followers is a great way to reach more people and position yourself as an expert in your field.

But, How do you create a super optimized Facebook Group?
How do you increase the number of people on your group?
And How can you Monetize the group, so you can offer your products and services to your community?
What are the things you need to do and the things you need to avoid?
Not having an optimized facebook group will cause you to lose potential facebook followers.
A good Facebook group will engage your followers and inspire them to take action and buy your products or services.

In this course you will learn How to Create a Super optimized Facebook group and create an engaging community where people collaborate and share ideas.
And you will learn How to Monetize your Facebook Group to sell your products or services to your community.
You will also learn how to use the power of facebook to take your online presence to the next level!
And as a Bonus, I´ll show you How to create stunning Facebook group cover images that your followers will love!
So join me inside the course and lets start taking your Facebook presence to the next level!


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I have a handful of Facebook groups and this class really helped me to improve them
Ken Wells

Best-Selling Instructor, Self-Realization Coach

I had no idea how to set up a FB group before taking this class. Diego's instructions are easy to follow and in logical order. Diego shares tips too based on his experience. My best takeaways are monetization ideas, four websites to find free photos, and how to use a free online editor to make a nice cover banner.
Amazing class! Recommended!





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