How To Flip Properties For Profit Without Any Money, Banks, Credit or Loans in any Market Free class

P James Holland, Coach Comeback

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7 Videos (1h 12m)
    • What you will learn and how to profit

    • Quick overview of the system

    • What Most People do

    • CPR Method For finding homes for pennies

    • Traditional Selling Methods

    • CPR Method for selling FAST

    • 7 Common Mistakes and How To Avoid Them


About This Class

In this Class you’ll discover…

  • How You Can do this in ANY market, in ANY location at ANY time you choose – This method will NEVER stop working!
  • The single fastest way possible to start earning money in Real Estate — Coming to you from a guy who closed on a home and made $23,000 without ever even stepping foot in the home!
  • Why You Should NEVER use your own money when investing (This is how the system is 100% risk free)
  • How to get your FREE Kindle Fire just for attending
  • My secret source for UNLIMITED homes for pennies on the dollar that investors will be BEGGING you for – NOBODY is doing this!
  • And more!

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This guy knows his stuff!
Julie Wolf

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Great course! One of the best courses I have seen on real estate investing.
I really enjoyed this course and learned so much. I am new to real estate flipping and this course taught me alot. I am very dedicated so I will make a lot of money, applying what I've learned and continue to learn, looking to see about hiring this guy for one on one coaching. I'm excited!!! Highly recommended course!!!





P James Holland

Coach Comeback

P. James Holland, also known as Coach Comeback or the "Life ReInvention Specialist" is married to his high school sweetheart and can be found giving away the only method where you can INVEST in REAL ESTATE without ever investing (READ: zero risk) a single red cent or using any banks, loans or credit at...

Random musings and humor at the blog

He also has a quirky, strange and often misunderstood sense of humor. You either love him or want to smack him in the face - Usually both.