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3 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction

    • Get Free Professional Photos

    • How To Create Professional YouTube Cover Art Without Being A Graphic Designer


About This Class

Have you ever thought about creating a professional looking YouTube covert art, but you don't know where to start? In this course, I'm going to quickly walk you through how to simply create an astonishing looking cover for your YouTube channel, even if you're not a graphic designer.

This course is short, simple, and straight to the point, and even better... you can create a brand new cover for absolutely free. No need to hire any expensive graphic designer. So if you're looking to dress up your YouTube channel, go ahead and enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

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Simple and effective
Really really awesome collection of tools (all free!) Way to go!
Hector G. Muñoz

Always be learning

Fast and great content - well worth doing!
Fred Ferguson

the Lisland Lifestyle Marketer





James Canzanella

Utterly Simple Online Profits

From personal trainer to unemployment. Upon hearing the phrase "You can make money while you sleep" I turned to the internet and after struggling for what felt like forever, something finally clicked. Since then I've generated over 6 figures and am quickly aiming to hit 7 figures and beyond with digital marketing.