How To Become A Super Successful Skillshare Instructor Premium class

Dawid Tuminski, Adobe Certified Expert in Illustrator

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14 Videos (30m)
    • How I Make 1000 A Month On Skillshare Promo Video

    • 1How to Write A Perfect Class Title

    • 2How To Turn a Viewer Into A Student

    • 3A as in Authentic

    • 4The Last A is For Action

    • 5How To Write An Enticing Class Description

    • 6How To Engage With Your Students With Class Projects

    • 7Multiply your earnings with serial classes

    • 8Focus On Quality Not Quantity

    • 9Engage With Your Students

    • 10Brand yourself on Skillshare so students recognize you

    • 11Let's sum up what we've learnt

    • 12Class Project

    • Ending


About This Class

Do you want to be a successful Skillshare instructor?

Do you want to make Skillshare your source of a serious passive income?

In this class you will learn EXACTLY what I do to be successful on Skillshare.

My Skillshare classes have been taken by more than 6000 happy students who have awarded them with more than 700 positive reviews.

But at first I didn’t give Skillshare too much attention, that’s why my results were less than satisfying.

Then, after doing a lot of experiments, my efforts have started to pay off… and those that worked are now revealed to you in this course for the very first time.

Take a look at just a humble fraction of what you will learn inside

  • Discover why your class title is the single most important thing of a successful Skillshare class and how to nail it every time
  • How to craft an irresistible promotional video of your class
  • How to make your course trend higher thanks to great class projects students will love to submit

and so much more!

Let me take you step by step and show you how to create spectacular classes that will make you super successful on Skillshare.

Every single technique which I reveal in this course is easy to put into place in minutes – and can give you instant returns.

This course is for those who do want to deliver great classes, but just need some direct and actionable tips and techniques, so they don’t get disheartened every 16th of each month.

Enroll in the class right now and start your success on Skillshare.

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I thoroughly enjoyed doing this class. David certainly ticks all the boxes as to what being a great Skillshare teacher should be. I will definitely take more of his classes. Thank you for a great experience, David.
Michelle Barber

Writer, teacher and child at heart.

Excellent, easy to follow, very useful. Thanks Dawid!
I really enjoyed this class! So much useful information :)
Liz Bumgarner

Hair & Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger





Dawid Tuminski

Adobe Certified Expert in Illustrator

I've been using graphical software for many years now and I've recently decided to share my knowledge with others and I always try to do it in a straight-to-the-point kind of way with a touch of entertainment.

To tell you the truth I never thought of taking up a career as a teacher of any kind. In fact, I was always reluctant to agree with people, who always encouraged me to teach, saying: You should be a teacher!

But here I am and I am really enjoying it!

At first I started learning Photoshop. Then it was Illustrator and logo design principles. I kind of stuck with these two programs for a few years to eventually start learning web development through Dreamweaver and Wordpress.

My decision to start teaching was based on the quality of trainings and tutorials I saw and participated in. I thought to myself: Man. I really could do this better!

So here I am now, online on Skillshare and offline, in my home city.