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8 Videos (24m)
    • Resume Course Intro

    • Resumes

    • Cover Letters

    • Common Questions

    • Resume Impovements

    • Parts of a Resume

    • Types of Resumes

    • LinkedIn


About This Class

Are you applying to several jobs and not getting noticed? Want to get your resume to the top of the pile? What to know how to get people asking you for interviews without even applying? The resume is the most important tool in your job search, it's what gets you in the door of an employer.



This class will help you gain a new perspective on your resume and how to properly utilize it to generate results at even the most competitive companies.  In this class your will learn:

  • How to prepare your resume and get noticed
  • How to use keywords to get noticed in an applicant tracking system
  • Effectively connect with recruiters
  • How to use social media to properly find jobs
  • Learn how to write a resume for career transitions and landing that first job 

The job search is strategic, doesn't have to be stressful, having the right resume will get you noticed and set on the right track to getting a job you want. 






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Jennifer B.

Moving Your Career Forward

Life is not about what happens to you, it is about how you can prepare and make change happen! Each situation that occurs, both the good and bad, is a chance to learn and take on a new challenge.

That is the philosophy that career coach Jennifer Bouley lives by and bases her values around. Jennifer is a career coach and Human Resources Professional who dedicates much of her time to improving the careers of Millennials. In today’s busy society the need to achieve a strong sense of self, in addition to a balanced career is more important than ever. Jennifer works with individuals to build the lifestyle and careers they desire through a modern approach to the job search, through a tactical hands-on approach.

Jennifer has worked in Recruitment, Human Resources, as a Career Coach and as a social Service Worker. She holds a Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations from Athabasca University and a Social Service Worker Diploma from Sheridan College. She is also a Certified Coach Practitioner through the Certified Coaches Federation. Jennifer owns Bouley-Mak Consulting and Coaching which is a Career Development and HR Consulting firm. She is also on a Board of Directors with First Stage Child Care Centre’s in Etobicoke.