Get $0.01 Targeted Clicks from Mobile in 1 Day Premium class

Ron D., Badass Biz

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6 Videos (40m)
    • How to Create Your Ad Account

    • How To Create Your Landing Page

    • How To Target Your Mobile Ads - The Basics

    • How to Set Up Your First BuzzCity $0.01 per Click Campaign

    • How to Set Up Hit Tracking

    • How To Set Up Aweber for $0.01 Optins PLUS Create 2 Conversion Opportunities from a Single Click


About This Class


I am available to support you on Skype - username: rmd.cip. Send me your questions :)

This is a "How To" class.

This class will show you exactly how to generate highly targeted clicks on mobile devices for just $0.01 each. It is very easy, yet I have not met anyone that is using this technique correctly.

You will be aboe to send people directly to an optin form or landing page, a video, pre-sell page, 
an app install, event registration, etc.

You will even be able to get $0.01 targeted clicks  directly and exclusively to desktop PC's, if you chose,  which is nearly impossible using any other method.

This type of marketing costs as little as $10 for a day which translates into 10,000 targeted clicks in a 24 hour period, and the ad network it is on can literally send millions of qualified clicks per week.

This is a course you will continue to use for a long time. As with everything I teach, I only ask that you do not share this with anyone. 

Thank you, and enjoy!


The Badass Biz Coach



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This is a ok course. It's basically a how to set up. Nothing really "Instant" about it. The only caveat I have with this course is that there were no stats to observe the traffic actually coming in. Would have liked to see actual #'s and conversions of the traffic source.





Ron D.

Badass Biz

Skype me any time - my Skype ID is rmd.cip

Also, feel free to PM me here on Skillshare.

I came here to give a little something back, and to help others move forward with their business dreams without facing the challenges I had way back when I didn't have a coach or mentor to help me. I remember what that was like, and I am here to pay it forward helping others out.

That doesnt mean what I teach is free, by no means. I have charged far more than some lawyers for my time to the corporate world, and what I share I like to think is worth its weight in gold, at least that is what I try to do.

I like to get to know my coaching students personally, and if you'll let me, I will help you get what you need to succeed!



That said, here is my more "formal" profile from LinkedIn:

A decorated veteran of 23 years, Ron received numerous awards for innovation from the Federal Government and the Chief of Defence. He retired from the Department of National Defence Technical Training Systems, having worked with Army, Navy, and Air Force elements of numerous NATO countries in roles from search and rescue to submarine hunting.

He started his first company in 1998, demonstrating his prowess for innovation, this time in marketing, by taking the company from a capitalization of $1,000 to seven figures in short order.

Having bought, sold, and developed hundreds of web businesses, domain names and apps, Ron has shared the stage with the world's top authorities and experts teaching others to leverage technology for business, fund raising, and benevolent causes. 

An Impact 100 Award recipient, Ron's teams have been sought out by revered influencers ranging from Xerox and Visalus Corp to the PR Advisor to the President of the USA. He is also one of the founding members of the Lords of Marketing, a benevolent group of online marketers that use their talents to raise capital for financially challenged families with children suffering from chronic or life-threatening illnesses.

Declared the “Obvious Choice” by New York Times Best-Selling Business author Elsom Eldridge, Ron has coached and consulted for business owners throughout Canada, the US and the UK, helping them develop growth strategies that leverage long-tail social structures for optimal capitalization of sub-niche markets. His uncanny ability to explain in “human” terms how to implement complex lead generation and social marketing systems consistently translates into dramatic bottom-line results.. 

In his most recent appointment at Cloud Income Properties Inc., Ron served on the Board of Directors, and as Vice President of Acquisitions, providing seasoned direction for the company's M & A activities.