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5 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction

    • Creating Quality Content

    • Building Your Social Community

    • Monetization and Sponsorships

    • Conclusion


About This Class

How do you make money blogging, but remain true to your own brand?

Join Bloglovin’ VP of Community & Support, Morgan Kaye, for a 20-minute overview of how to monetize your blog the authentic way.

Morgan shares insights from some of the most successful examples in the Bloglovin’ community, illustrating three key phases:

  1. Building consistent, quality content
  2. Growing your social community
  3. Monetizing through sponsorship

Get tips and checklists for how to create successful posts, grow your following, and even start to make money off your writing by collaborating with brands in your industry. Blogging can sometimes seem daunting, but this class keeps it straightforward and inviting.  

Join this class for free today, and make your blog your business!


With over 8 million users and 750,000 bloggers, Bloglovin' is the ultimate destination for fashion, beauty and lifestyle-obsessed users to discover, consume and share professionally produced content from top influencers around the world.

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Nice, quick tips. Definitely more focused on the Bloglovin' platform but still worth a listen during your lunch break.
Very informative
Very useful information for newbies





Morgan Kaye

VP Community & Support, Bloglovin'

Morgan Kaye is the VP of Community & Support at Bloglovin' – the premier destination that allows you to follow your favorite blogs + discover new ones.