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8 Videos (11m)
    • 1.0 - introduction

    • 1.1 - what is e-residency

    • 1.2 - go go xroad

    • 1.3 - digital id across the eu

    • 1.4 - digital id auth and service silos

    • 1.5 - perfect for digital nomads

    • 1.6 - the roundup

    • 1.7 - hey thanks! don't forget to share


About This Class

in this quick course, we will be taking a look at the e-residency digital id programme from Estonia that enables you to set up a business from anywhere in the world but runs from Estonia. you receive a digital id card that enables you to sign/encrypt documents with the 2048 bit encryption card that you receive when you have paid via their websites.

I'll be discussing a few areas in this short twenty minutes (roughly) to get you up to speed fast on the areas of the card that make it worthwhile purchasing and what you can expect with the card.

  • overview of the e-residency digital id card and service
  • look at the dashboard of the country as a service (saas)
  • touch on encrypted digital id to be across Europe in 2018
  • examples where you can currently use your digital id online
  • is digital id (e-residency) useful for digital nomads?
  • touch on Brexit and the increase in e-residency web traffic.
  • hosting a location-independent business online via e-residency
  • take a brief look at x-road and how that opens up silos
  • tendering across countries with new digital id card

I'm intending to set up and run a digital agency from Estonia helping startups and companies that want help with rapid learning on a number of brand areas and to assist in a virtual pa/agency-style approach from inside and outside the country. we started our first website - (yes, that's an Estonian suffix) recently which will be a podcast of our travels, behind the scenes struggles and biz development online as we aim to be completely working from the web.

We bought ten domains and we are slowly rolling out the concepts for each, our second project is a blog about advocates either working alone or for a digital agency and what we have seen that are good examples and some suggestions about doing brand advocacy for yourself, company, brand or event.

The following will be coming online in the coming year. (startup potential) (e-commerce) (startup concept) (brand idea concept) (startup) (empowerment blog) (voting startup concept) (blog)

it's our intent to merge with the ethos of the x-road concept in a variety of ways, we hope our concepts and experiments with open up dialog with Estonia-based startups and developers so we can come together to build some interesting projects over the next five to ten years together with the intent to exit after a few years on some of the smaller projects.

I hope this course helped you make a decision about the e-residency card and what is possible with doing business remotely in Estonia.

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Great course! You really packed a lot into 20 minutes!
if your looking to learn about e-residency and what it can mean to you then you need to watch this course. after you have finished this course you can follow along on youtube! :)
Philip 'dm' Campbell

Optimising your Digital Journey Together

Exciting information for anyone looking to be a digital nomad. Easy to follow and clear instructions from our teacher.





Philip 'dm' Campbell

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