6 Videos (1h 3m)
  • Category Research Tools

    • Trailer

    • 10 Tools For Category Research

  • Competitive Audit Tools

    • 6 free tools to assess the competition

  • Consumer Research Tools

    • 6 tools for consumer research

  • Naming Things Tools

    • 10 free tools to give great names to ideas

  • Measuring success

    • Resources for Analytics


This class is no longer available.

About This Class

The resources inside a Digital Strategist's toolbox are the things that shape very sharp thinking. Yet tools can be hellishly expensive, and those Googlebots never truly uncover real human insights.  So what to do? There are many fantastic free tools that allow you to be scrappy without compromising sharp thinking, this course shows how to use 35 of the best free ones on the interne... Read More

Amber Horsburgh, Digital Strategist at Big Spaceship

I am a Strategist at the digital creative agency, Big Spaceship in Brooklyn. I have have run campaign reporting for big brands YouTube, AXE and MTV and smaller ones too. I’ve also taught over 1, 500 students about digital strategy and how Macklemore... Read More