Digital Nomad in Chiang Mai Thailand Guide Premium class

Greg Hung, Digital nomad Videographer

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12 Videos (1h 10m)
    • Chiang Mai digital nomad guide promo

    • Chiang Mai digital nomad guide mastermind experience2

    • Chiang Mai digital nomad guide what to do in chiang maib

    • Podcast lessons learned

    • Podcast dashboard

    • Chiang mai monthly budget

    • Chiang mai motorbikes 101

    • How much savings should you bring for your journey

    • Keeping in touch with Family

    • Chiang mai tips for renting

    • Cmai apartment pics and prices

    • Course Summary


About This Class

This is a versatile guide for people still in a corporate job that would like to make the next step to become a Digital Nomad in Chiang Mai. This could is designed to help prepare you for what to expect to prepare you before your journey to Chiang Mai Thailand. 

The full course will go into greater detail. You can see the curriculum and pre-order here.

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I enjoyed the class. I'm seriously considering moving to Chiang Mai and this class is a wealth of information
Franki B. Kidd





Greg Hung

Digital nomad Videographer

Hi! I was born in South Africa but as a child my family relocated to Canada and lived most of adult life in beautiful British Columbia. After I graduated university I went on to have a successful IT career working 13 years in the field as an IT manager I went onto pursue my MBA at SFU and found inspiration to start my own business and travel and film.By the time I had completed my MBA in 2011 I had found my passion travel, business, and filming.

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