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10 Videos (12m)
    • Teaser

    • Class Overview

    • Let's Start With a Riddle!

    • Why You Need Focus

    • Shoulder Stand - Introduction

    • Shoulder Stand - Contraindications

    • Shoulder Stand - How To Perform

    • Mindfulness Bell - Introduction

    • Mindfulness Bell - How To Use It

    • Project Assignment


About This Class


Welcome to the 8-class series Develop Super Focus and Boost Your Productivity!

You can find all classes here:

  1. Develop Super Focus and Boost Your Productivity (Class 1)
  2. Develop Super Focus and Boost Your Productivity (Class 2) 
  3. Develop Super Focus and Boost Your Productivity (Class 3) 
  4. Develop Super Focus and Boost Your Productivity (Class 4) 
  5. Develop Super Focus and Boost Your Productivity (Class 5) 
  6. Develop Super Focus and Boost Your Productivity (Class 6) 
  7. Develop Super Focus and Boost Your Productivity (Class 7)
  8. Develop Super Focus and Boost Your Productivity (Class 8)

Ask yourself:

  • Does your mind often wander in the middle of conversations?
  • Do you go to Facebook for just 5 minutes, but find yourself still on it 2 hours later?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then this is the course for you!

What if I told you that you could radically change all of this TODAY?!

  • You could have a razor sharp focus
  • You could be highly productive every single day
  • And most important of all: ACHIEVE ALL YOUR GOALS.

Imagine: how great would you feel at the end of a day during which you were super focused and productive?

You can make this change RIGHT NOW, by enrolling in this class.

By taking this class series, you will:

  • develop a good understanding of what focus is, and why it's so important.
  • And the meat and potatoes: learn a lot of amazing focus techniques that you can use to boost your productivitysave time and get more done!

Over the past years, I have personally tested all the focus and productivity techniques that you will be learning in this course. And I can tell you that each of them is a jewel in its own right!

What did we cover so far?

  • In class 1, we discussed the foundation for this series. All the productivity techniques were briefly introduced to you, and you learned the first awesome technique: The ping pong ball exercise!

  • In the second class, we went a bit more in depth and asked the question: What is focus? You also learned the second technique to increase: the Triangle Sailing mast.

  • Now that you’ve learned what focus is, we’re going to build on that in class 3 by answering the question: why do you need focus? After you have a good understanding of this, we’ll continue with 2 more focus techniques: The shoulder stand is one of the best yoga asanas you can perform, and it’s also a perfect preparation for all the other techniques you’ll learn in this series. And we’ll discuss how the mindfulness bell can be your digital watchdog when your attention drifts away.

So don’t wait any longer. Click on the Enroll button and Take This Class. Let’s get started. I will see you inside!






Peter Cook

Passionate Online Entrepreneur and Teacher


My name is Peter Cook and I am an online entrepeneur since 2013. 

After having worked as a lawyer for 8 years, I decided to quit in order to pursue a more meaningful life, working remotely. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

In all my online ventures, I have a strong focus on productivity: how can I get things done effectively? I am a strong believer in the power habits, in routine. And I'm always on the lookout for tools that can make life easier.    

And I also love teaching! So it feels only natural to share what works for me with you in my classes.  

Here Is What Skillshare Students Who Have Reviewed My Classes Say About Me:

  • "This is such a wonderful course that can help anyone. Especially the busy types will have a lot to gain by practising the techniques that Peter so well presents. Thank you!" - Gabriel Maracineanu, Student in 'Develop Super Focus and Boost Your Productivity!'
  • "It was a good class, I learned things that can help me in increasing my focusing ability." - Shubham Sharma, Student in 'Develop Super Focus and Boost Your Productivity!"
  • "I loved this class! Great delivery by Peter, and I will definitely use some of these great productivity websites." - Wim Vinken, Student in 'Essential Websites For Killer Productivity: Save Insane Amounts Of Time!'