5 Videos (59m)
  • The Brief, Incentives & The Search Pattern

    • Class Kickoff Lecture

  • Submit Idea Draft

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  • Recruiting, Community Management & The Collaboration Pattern

    • Lesson Unit 2: Intro Video

  • Give Feedback to Your Classmates

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  • Idea Selection & Online Spaces

  • Update + Pick the Winners

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This class is no longer available.

About This Class

This class is based on content from the Crowdstorm book, recently featured in publicatons like Fast Company, The Guardian and Huffington Post. What You'll DoYou have used brainstorming to get good ideas. What happens if you take brainstoming out of the conference room and move it online? What happens when if you brainstorm with thousands of participants? We call this crowdstorming a... Read More

Shaun Abrahamson, Crowdstorm Author, Seed Investor & Founder Mutopo

I’m an early stage investor, advisor, author and handyman. I’ve been fascinated with how to find and choose ideas, for as long as I can remember. This led me to my most recent project, Crowdstorm about how to work with large online groups to find and... Read More