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Lisa Rusczyk ❤️, Skillshare Teacher, Author, Blogger, & Ed. D.

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7 Videos (12m)
    • Welcome to Class by Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D.

    • Class Success Tips

    • View My Surveys

    • Create a Survey Together

    • Create a Student Interest Survey

    • Other Survey Ideas

    • Thank You For Taking This Class


About This Class


In this class you will learn how to use a free tool to collect information from your customers or students to learn how to make better products for the future.  I will show you some forms that I have made, and then I will show you how to create your own.  See you in class. 

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Really helpful info!
Lauren Lapointe

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Lisa Rusczyk ❤️

Skillshare Teacher, Author, Blogger, & Ed. D.

Lisa is dyslexic and did not like to read growing up. But that did not stop her as she became a doctor in educational leadership with an emphasis in educational technology.  Lisa has self published over 100 books that are available on Amazon.  Over 67,000 of her books were downloaded last year.  Lisa does classroom book readings in person and on Skype.  She also teaches a class on How to Self Publish a Book in One Day on Skillshare.   

Lisa has written the 50 Things to Know book series and the Charlie the Cavalier book series. She is an entrepreneur, blogger, and loves hanging out her local coffee shop to play board games with friends.  Settlers of Catan is one of her favorites.