9 Videos (3h 27m)
  • Introduction to Digital Strategy Crash Course

    • Digital Strategy Crash Course

  • Chapter 1 - What is Digital Strategy

    • What is digital strategy?

  • Chapter 2 - Working out the business problem

    • Working out the business problem

  • Chapter 3 - Strategy in Advertising

    • Strategy in Advertising

  • Chapter 4 - The role of the Digital Strategist

    • The role of the Digital Strategist

  • Chapter 5 - The creative brief

    • The creative brief

  • Chapter 6 - Communications Framework

    • Communications Framework

  • Chapter 7 - Measuring Digital

    • Measuring Digital

  • Office Hours

    • Office Hours


About This Class

Digital Strategists are to the Advertising Industry what Walt Jr. is to the plot of Breaking Bad. You know they’re important but you have no idea why. This course will take the air of mystery out of 'Digital Strategy' The course is based on my real world learnings from running Digital Campaigns for Coca-Cola, glaceau vitamin water, Nestle, Boost Mobile, Fosters Beer, Dell Compute... Read More

Julian Cole, Head of Comms Planning at BBH NY (PlayStation)

As Head of Communicatons Planning at BBH NYC,  I oversee the Comms Planning for PlayStation, Axe, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Westin and a number of other brands.   I have taught over a thousand students on Skillshare, with crash courses in both Digi... Read More