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3 Videos (10m)
    • Solo ads introduction

    • What to Look For In a Seller

    • Tracking Results


About This Class

In this course and due to popular request, I will show you were I buy my solo ads and ow to track clicks and effectiveness. Keep pushing !

The first advantage of using these ads is that they are fairly inexpensive. Running solo ads is typically a fairly inexpensive way to advertise. The bigger the size of the publisher's list, the more expensive the solo ad will be.

Even when they are "more expensive," though, solo ads are typically less expensive than many other types of paid advertising. The good thing about them being fairly inexpensive is that you can send out just one to each publisher's list to test and see whether it is a good place to advertise and get targeted MLM leads without breaking the bank.

The second big advantage of using solo ads is that they are a great way to leverage yourself. You are using someone else's asset that they have already worked to create (i.e., their list) for your own advantage.

So now that we've established that solo ads are a good way to attract targeted MLM leads, how exactly do you go about using them? Here are some key tips to using solo ads properly, and so that you will end up attracting targeted MLM leads:





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