Build a Social Mission-Driven Brand Premium class

Neil Blumenthal, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Warby Parker

6 Videos (48m)
  • Branding with a Social Mission

    • Trailer

    • Social Impact

    • Mission, Vision, and Brand Architecture

    • Your Brand as a Story

    • Launching

    • Final Thoughts


Tell a story of your favorite brand re-imagined with a social mission

Project Brief

Project Description

Take your favorite brand and re-imagine it with a social mission. Demonstrate the impact the brand would have, explain how it would share the story, and draft its launch plan.

Required Materials

This class requires no materials, students can chose to present their work however they want.

  1. Your Brand

    Choose a brand to re-imagine with a social mission – yours or one you use frequently. Be creative, have fun with the project and most importantly, choose a brand you’re passionate about – it could be a fast food chain, a fashion line, or an electronics company.

    Share: Write 2-3 sentences explaining why you chose this brand to re-imagine and what social impact you envision this brand having?

  2. Storytelling

    Communicate the story of your brand and how it is having a social impact.

    Share: Tell the story of your brand. You can present your work in a variety of forms and media, it’s up to you. Here are some examples of ways that you could approach the challenge.

    • Create an infographic from the future that demonstrates the impact your brand would have
    • Draft a press release or Fast Company article about your brand’s impact
    • Sketch a visual branding system that illustrates the social mission
    • Moodboard of images, textures, and references that tell the story visually
    • Create a Kickstarter style video pitch